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Senior Pet Care

Just as young puppies and kittens need special attention, so do the older pets in our lives. Senior pet care is an essential part of our services at Farmingdale Dog and Cat Clinic, from pain management to treatment of common age-related ailments.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

Did you know 1 human year is equivalent to 7 pet years? That means 6 months is comparable to 3 ½ years for pets!

Senior dogs and cats require veterinary services catered to their stage in life. At Farmingdale Dog & Cat Clinic, we recommend all pets visit us at least twice a year. For senior pets, more frequent monitoring is recommended so we can keep a close eye on changing health trends and age-related conditions. A lot can happen in six months, but preventive care and regular visits will help keep your senior pet healthy and prevent disease development.

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